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Finding or selling a quality used garbage truck is extremely difficult if you do not know where to look. The availability of well-maintained or slightly used trucks depends on condition and location. We at RDK can help you offload your unneeded trucks due to a fleet replacement, company closure or any other reason and our refurbished stock provides you with the reliable and long lasting vehicle you need for your disposal business. We sell or trade garbage trucks here in the Tampa, Florida area and can get you the right price or the right truck for the job. We ship and do business worldwide and maintain thousands of happy, satisfied, repeat customers.sell garbage trucks

sell garbage trucks

sell garbage trucks

sell garbage trucks


With over 30 years of experience in the garbage truck industry, we know exactly what is needed in a reliable used truck. Garbage trucks that have been completely refurbished by our skilled and experienced staff allow us to provide our customers with high quality and trustworthy equipment. You can be assured that we only buy or trade rust-free trucks that are in our capabilities to get to a prime working condition. If you want to add a truck to your existing fleet or upgrade to a newer model, then we can provide a quality used truck to meet your needs. Our vast inventory of trucks means we likely have something to meet your specific demands.


Looking to sell garbage trucks, roll-off trucks or grapple trucks? look no further we give you top dollar for a used truck you want to sell or trade. We are looking for good used roll-off trucks, front loader garbage trucks, rear loaders, side loaders, recycle trucks and grapple trucks. If you are a private operator, then contact us today if you have a garbage truck that needs to be replaced. Your truck will be assessed and you will have the option to either sell it or get an offer for trade.

Simply fill out the form on the page to get the process started. We need the basic specifications of your truck to provide you with the most accurate trade in value or purchase price. Images of your truck are also needed for use to make an accurate assessment.

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